Welcome to Fishspert.com

Put our high quality tropical aquarium videos on your Mobile, TV, or Computer!

Welcome to Fishspert.com

Transform your TV, PC or mobile devices into a cool realistic tropical aquarium. Relax with our free Living Aquarium videos. Feel the days' pressures fade away as you relax to the tranquil movements in the aquarium accompanied by the professional soothing licensed soundtracks.

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Feeding not necessary!
Our Living Aquarium uses software to mimic real-life movements of the fish. The soundtrack is professionally recorded, licensed audio!

Works on just about any media device!
Delivered in an MP4 format, they can be viewed on almost any PC, TV, mobile device or tablet.

Free to share!
Share our videos everywhere! Share with your family, friends, co-workers, at school and on all your social media platforms but do not claim them as your own. Post them on social media sites, blogs or websites.

Note: You cannot sell or barter the videos!

What is the "catch"?
There is no hidden agenda here. No tracking, collecting data, viruses, etc. Created by a single person to make your life better and fun!

Have a great day!

Fishspert.com, The name says it all...

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Use our Fishspert.com videos on your TV, PC or mobile devices
Welcome to Fishspert.com